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September 1, 2006 - SomeWhiteGuy  Tracker: 6413 lines / SeederSide: 3848 lines


Yeah, I finally got around to testing the ImageBoard-Tracker on the Linux environment with Wakaba, Kareha, Futaba, and Futallby.  It can work with all of them now.  I also polished up the error interfaces by adding some troubleshooting info on them.

And shit, it was it a painful job.  Wakaba is a great script and all, but !@#$ it's hard to install.  And NO WHERE did I see it telling me that the script needs directories src/ res/ and thumb/ in which I have to create (it doesn't make them).  You also need to set them with the correct permissions in Linux.  You also need to set the permission for the folder.  And then I had to go through the ordeal of getting the Perl DBI (MySQL class module) installed.  Which was a pain in the ass because the ppm command doesn't seem to work in Linux.  In Windows, you just do ppm in the DOS prompt, and then do something like "install DBI" and then other components.   And after I finally found out how to do that, I then I had to get MySQL installed for Linux.  It wasn't to bad doing, the .rpms did the work for me, but then, I had to get the user account setup for MySQL. 

Is there a GUI for it? pfff, Nooooooo, of course not.  GUIs... just aren't very Linux like now are they?  So basically I had to work in a all-text Linux terminal for like, two hours trying to get user accounts setup.  I found like three different ways to do it online.  I cant remember which one worked, I just just typing in random things to the point I finally got it.  But man I swear it's all BS.  Some of these examples on line... you can copy and !@#$ing paste the examples right in, and guess what.  They don't work >_<   RRg, why do these people even bother posting examples if they don't even !@#$ing work!!!

Anyways, in the end, I somehow got it working.  I then tested the install bugs to death on the tracker-script.


What is this project?


The goal of this project is to take care of a serious issue that has been known for a long time with ImageBoards, and that is band with consumption by the main server, which in turn consumes a lot of money.  The way this project plans to cut down on bandwidth is by asking users to help them, by donating bandwidth instead of money, much like the BitTorrent system.  It is assumed that people will be more likely to donate their bandwidth as it is very commonly done with torrents.  This project is designed to create add-on scripts for ImageBoards, so they can be seeded by home users.

How doest it work?

How things are now (w/out this add-on script)
Well, in order to compare and contract, let's look at how ImageBoard function now (without this script.  As it is, all users are dependant on one server.
  • Dependant on one server
  • One server has to shovel out bandwidth, bandwidth which costs money
  • One server servers ImageBoard handles requests for texts, thumbnails and full-images
  • If the one server goes down, then the entire site goes down because everyone is dependant on that one source
<< Old system
The new system (with this add-on script)
Rather than having the main ImageBoard server sending board convos, thumbnails, and full-images, with this system it would send just the convos and thumbnails. And rather than sending out the full-images upon request, it would forward the user to a seeder.  The full-images take up the overwhelming majority of the bandwidth on the ImageBoard server, and thus this could cut down tremendously.
  • Dependant on a main-server and seeders
  • One server has to shovel out bandwidth for smaller files only
  • One server servers ImageBoard handles requests for texts and thumbnails, and only full-images images on occasion (read on for understand "occasions")
  • If the one server goes down, then the links to the seeders go down. In the future as this script is developed more, I hope to have the seeders able to host the images alone in a way where the site can still be viewable in a way where all the images will still be available (but of course the text-convos will be there until the main-server comes back up)

New system

Script abilities
  - Gives ImageBoard ability to seed
- Can detect when seeder stop seeding automatically, or die unexpectedly
- Detects broken links, redirects user to another seeder automatically, and checks if seeder with broken link is still alive
- Does CRC checks on files to make sure that everyone is sharing what they should be (not fake data in place of falsified file names)
FAQ: Wait, so seeders get bombarded connections from all users of the ImageBoard?
  NO No! This script has flow control, a very needed concept for popular boards that have many users coming onto the site at random.  Because users come onto the site, and are forwarded to seeders with the images, they are being forwarded though the ImageBoard add-on script.  And because that script decides where the users where go to download full-images, the script will consider each seeder, and only route a users to a certain seeder if the target seeder has less then X connections in the past Y seconds.  The script will consider all seeder who are seeding the target file, and if no seeders with the file are available due to flow-control rules, then the user will be directed to the file on the main ImageBoard server - The location/URL a user would get to it if this script was never installed.  This flow-control makes sure that seeders don't get more requests then they can handle.  The seeders themselves will decide their own flow-rate, and if the flow rate is to high, admins of the ImageBoard-add-on script can override the rating. 
FAQ: Is ImageBoard dependant on seeders only?
  No, obviously if that was the case, the board could easily die if there were not enough seeders.  Seeders support the board, and upon request for a file, if there are no seeders with the file, or if all the seeders with the file are busy with other users, then the request is fulfilled by the ImageBoard, just like the way things are without the add-on script in place.  Thus, the ImageBoard functions as it normally would, but relieves bandwidth by redirecting users to seeder when it can.
See more FAQs in the FAQ section.