This page is to guide people who have done he following steps:

But have the following problem


Ok, now this could be due to a few reasons, let's check each one by one.


Verify the server has initiated and is running in the background
You can do this by going to START>Programs>Apache HTTP Server>Control Apache Server>Restart
Do NOT use the Start command. Restart is better because even if the server is already on, it will work, using start while the server is on won't.
Even if you are shure the server is already on, restart it anyways! Why? Because it updates any changes made to the configuration file if any has been made among other things, dont question me, just do it, it cant hurt.


Verify you renamed the file correctly.
You downloaded a test.txt file, but IT MUST BE RENAMED to test.php


Verify you are using the right port settings
You will only need to do this if you went into the server configuration and changed the port settings, I didn't make a walk through on how to do that manually, but if you did it anyways, watch out so you don't just go to but go to<portNumber>/test.php you must separate the IP address and the port number you wish to connect through by a colon :

This is an example where the port number is 178