Ok, so now you supposedly have PHP support working.  Now all you have to do is

You should have a screen that looks like this:

In this screen you MUST type in a Nick Name / Screen Name for yourself, the newer version forces you to do this.  The older versions don't.  If you don't put one in, and are able to continue on, there will be errors in the script and there will be times when the script fails.  You MUST put something in.  Even if you just put in "Anonymous" that would be fine.

The instructions at the top of that page tell you about the settings, but I HIGHLY suggest you do not touch them.  I have tested this script, and I know it works with the default settings.  If you change the settings, well,,, it really depends on if you know what you are doing.  I can make it work because I not only know what I am doing, but developed the script, so I know what to watch out for, well, going on about this would just be repeating myself, look at the top of that screen for better instructions on how to work with that page.

After you click the button, you should see this...



Read this if you want to seed a Futaba-based ImageBoard

This script was originally built to seed a different type of ImageBoard system, and was altered to try to seed futaba based boards.  As I am writing this I do not have a release yet for a seeder side script that can do this.  The only thing I have is something that will open you computer up to host files for an ImageBoard similar to this one.  Please read my news section for any further updates

[Update] I now have such a script built but unreleased, see the screen caps on the main page.  As of this moment though, I do not have it available for download, sorry.



This is kinda of self explanatory.  For those of you who don't understand the term ReMaping, it mean it was looking for all files in the public directory, and taking note of them.  Once a public file is found, it is logged into the ShareList.txt file for future purposes.  DO NOT delete that file.

As of this moment you computer IS NOT seeding a *Chan.  It is simply public and sharing to anyone who knows your IP address.  You computer is listening for requests, and if anyone sends a request to your computer (they will need to know your IP to do this), the script you just setup will act accordingly.  Click the link you see (last word of the last line) on the page shown in the image above for the best example.  Doing so would bring you here...

Image Note: News will most likely show in the right side frame, but  the below image is the result of clicking on the "Show Status" link on the top right

You probably will not be sharing any public files, but if you were/are you can search, view, rename, and do all other things you want to.  This proves you are perfectly operational and can share files out.  Anyone can get to the page you are viewing as the .htm you are using is also public.  The ImgChan.htm file is a .htm file built with several features into it.  It can even connect to multiple seeders at once and search and view the files through them all.  Though, by default the the ImgChan.htm file on a seeders machine will (by default) will only connect to the seeder who is hosting it.

  • Can connect to multiple seeds
  • Compiles a quick list of all tags (fetishes) available by seeds
  • Client side search engine
  • Can rout the user to PHPkernel.php with the correct modes set for the user to do what's desired
  • Tells ImgChan.htm what IPs to connect to (what the Seeds IPs are)


  • Tells ImgChan.htm what files the seeder is sharing
  • Tells ImgChan.htm how to load thumbnails
When not connect to any seeds there will be nothing to search for, but...

ImgChan.htm IS NOT a forum like 4Chan.  It does have the the ability for people to post images, but does not have the ability for people to write text and talk.

When connect to multiple seeds, their contented gets added together on the sidebar, as seen below when connect to two seeds.

The main purpose here that I am trying to get through to you is, in the even where there is no Settings.js file, the ImgChan.htm will not know the IP of the seeds to connect to...

And thus it will not be able to rout the user to any files located on a specific seeder.

The reason I am telling you this is so that you understand why you are not seeding to anyone right now.  In all the previous pages in this guide I have helped you setup you computer to accept incoming requests for files, but where do the requests come from?  Well, people can't just guess your IP, they obviously need to get it from somewhere.  And this is where <whatever>Chan comes in.  Most likely you will want to seed <whatever>Chan, and to do so you need to give them your IP, and tell them you are seeding, once you have done this things should work out as follows...

Before anything can start, you must tell <whatever>Chan that you are seeding.  You can do so by going to a page in the site of <whatever>Chan made specifically for seeders, and type in you IP address.  Doing so would make your computer and the <whatever>Chan server to "talk", they exchange information about how to upload and download to one another, and certain settings on both sides will be set.


Whenever a user uploads a file to the server, the <whatever>Chan server uploads the image to the seeders.  This is how the seeders get the images to share out to the users.  Note that the <whatever>Chan server is what keeps track of the threads (forums), and maybe thumbnails.
Whenever a user of <whatever>Chan makes a request for a file, the <whatever>Chan server will check the list of seeders (in memory/temp space) to see which one has the file the user has requested. Then the <whatever>Chan server replies by routing the user to a seeder who has the files

NOTE: In most real world cases, <whatever>Chan will still host full size images, just like all <whatever>Chans did before this script existed, but the server will release something like 50% or so of users to the seeders.  This % may very, and will also depend on the bandwidth the <whatever>Chan server has and the seed count.


As of right now, I don't have the .php that will sit on the <whatever>Chan built yet.  It's under construction, but I should hopefully have it out soon.  For now you can just use the ImgChan.htm file I made. For news about releases see my news page