Seeder Support Script for Modern Image Board Systems
Because when it comes to "serious business", I'm here to help ;) 
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In order to start to seed an image board, you must first go to that board.  Of course not all image boards have and ImageBoard-Tracker running, so not all board can be seeded.  It si up to the administrators of the board weather or not to use a tracker.

If an image board DOES use a tracker, then they should have a link on their site saying something like "click here to seed the board".  Clicking that link on the board will guide you.  This site only acts as source for support, downloads, and CVS.


Again, this is NOT the place you go to, to start seeding an image board (read above), though you would eventually download one of the packages listed below, the image board guide will guide you step by step on what to do.

NOTE TO LINUX USERS ABOUT SEEDING A BOARD - What actually does the seeding to a board is a .php script, I choose to write in PHP so the software I made could be multi-platform.  Unfortunately as of right now the script in one small (but vital place) is dependant on the windows platform.  Yeh, I know, I'm an ass, sorry.  I'm going to get this fixed soon, so guess your going to have to wait, unless you can get WINE to work with the Win32 binary, but by what I have seen it doesn't seem to like the ActiveX browser thinggy....  Anyways, I'll get this fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

ImageBoard-Tracker Download After you get an image board setup and working, you can download this and extract its content into your public HTTP folder.  Navigate to the SeedSupport.php and follow the installation wizard.  This will make a few small code changes to your image board scripts (its wizard will do it) so it may be a good idea to backup you image board scripts just in case.  Don't bother backing up any MySQL data as this will never touch a MySQL database.


ImageBoard Seeding Client FOR WINDOWS USERS; This is what is used to seed image boards.  It contains the PHPKernel.php file (the thing that actully does the seeding), and a Win32 .exe that acts as a shell for the .php file

Older releases and versions:

L0L, ok, I dunno who would really want the alpha code, but for other downloads and shit I have worked, tossed, or just seeming put together for whatever reason...  you can snoop about the pubdownloads directory.


Dropped sub-projects:

  • 4Chan FireFox extension  -  Never of any real use, supported the "infamous" avatar, and quite honestly, required me to program in java script, which is AN EVIL LANGUAGE!!!!
  • Image Board Syncher  -  Served no real purpose, it was (and still is) a nice way to pull contents from image boards, but does not really bear frute for this project
  • WakaChan mirror/clones  -  Not a very good example of the ImageBoard-Tracker anyway, TESTchan is WAY BETTER!!!!   (So basically, these mirrors have been replaces with TESTchan)