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Wait, so seeders get bombarded connections from all users of the ImageBoard?

  NO No! This script has flow control, a very needed concept for popular boards that have many users coming onto the site at random.  Because users come onto the site, and are forwarded to seeders with the images, they are being forwarded though the ImageBoard add-on script.  And because that script decides where the users where go to download full-images, the script will consider each seeder, and only route a users to a certain seeder if the target seeder has less then X connections in the past Y seconds.  The script will consider all seeder who are seeding the target file, and if no seeders with the file are available due to flow-control rules, then the user will be directed to the file on the main ImageBoard server - The location/URL a user would get to it if this script was never installed.  This flow-control makes sure that seeders don't get more requests then they can handle.  he seeders themselves will decide their own flow-rate, and if the flow rate is to high, admins of the ImageBoard-add-on script can override the rating. 


FAQ: Is ImageBoard dependant on seeders only?

  No, obviously if that was the case, the board could easily die if there were not enough seeders.  Seeders support the board, and upon request for a file, if there are no seeders with the file, or if all the seeders with the file are busy with other users, then the request is fulfilled by the ImageBoard, just like the way things are without the add-on script in place.  Thus, the ImageBoard functions as it normally would, but relieves bandwidth by redirecting users to seeder when it can.


Doesn't this open the board to potential weaknesses?

  They have been taken care of, for the most part.  The largest weakness this script has is its trust, which btw is becoming less and less.  The script routs users of the ImageBoard to seeders, and thus the script trusts that seeders are not going to share incorrect content for falsified filenames.  THERE IS A SYSTEM TO DETECT THIS however.  Before I talk more about this, I must explain how this becomes the scripts greats weakness.  When a person decides to become a seeder, that person uses a seeder-side-script which will talk and initiate seeding with the ImageBoard-side script.  The ImageBoard-side script will tell the Seeder-side script to download images which have been uploaded to the board within the last 15 minuets (15 mins is only a default).  This is done so that that seeder has at least something to start seeding with and doesn't have to wait for the next person to upload something to the board to get something to seed.  However, when the seeder-side script downloads these files, if it can, it will download the files from other seeder rather than from the board to conserve the board's bandwidth.  This is where the old weakness comes in, because if a seeder was sharing incorrect files in place of falsified filenames then the flash data would spread.  This has been taken care of in version 0.9b of the seeder-side script and version 0.8 in the ImageBoard-side script.  The way it has been taken care of is by having the ImageBoard tell the seeder-side script what each file's CRC should be.  The seeder side then verifies each file as it downloads it.  In the future versions of this script, the seeder side will report seeders that do not match up with correct CRCs.  Ver 0.9b does not do this yet, but the next will, I have a big to-do list so please don't flame me about this.


I am firewall, is there anyways I can seed an ImageBoard?

  Well, what I will ask you to please do first, is try to use something like BitTorrent and look at the lights to check if you really are fire-walled or not.  If any of the lights ever turn green, then you are not fire walled.  Also please note that home users are never fire walled.  And with that all said, sorry, no.  If you really are fire walled, then there is no chance of you seeding an ImageBoard because every connection that will be made will be an incoming connection.


What is "Archive-Chan / Democracy-Chan"?  Why do I keep seeing their names?

  Arch-Chan / Demo-Chan is an ImageBoard system that is entirely run from seeders and has no central server.  And thus, is hoped to never die, because as long as there are seeders, the network lives.  This project's original purpose was made to support that system, but as 4Chan announced they needed money, and said they might yet die again, I decided to alter the plans of these scripts.  Though the A/D-Chan system has ALLOT of very advanced abilities that most ImageBoards don't have.  The quickest way to explain it to you would be to direct you to the A/D-Chan welcome page...

click here

And then keep in mind that that pages doesn't go into how there are no admins of the system (everyone has power - it's a democracy), and how sections are created upon your own desire.  If you ever want a new section about some fetish/subject, just seed it, and then it's there.  There are no admins to stop you.  You don't need to pay for your own domain or anything.  This is the idea behind Democracy-Chan.  And then as you can see, the file-naming system is part of Archive-Chan.


What is a .php file?  How do I run it?

  It's a script that is run by a web server.  Basically, all a web server does is simply serve files.  And that's it.  And that's the problem, because you cant really do much "serious business" on the internet (inside joke) with just that alone.  And thus PHP comes into play.  PHP is just about as powerful as a program running on your computer.  Though from a programmers point of view, I think it's a shame, because PHP is missing allot of things allot of other languages have.  A "goto" statement is just one example, as well as not being able to have one script sent a HTTP-POST request to another (the closest you get is the "fread" which will always use HTTP-GET).  Always. I'm getting of an a tangent...

It's a script, it's always open source, and if you never have a "Letter:\" in you path pointers you can takes the script right from a windows platform and onto Linux and back and forth again and always have it work...  supposedly  :s

To run a .php file, what you need is a HTTP server and the PHP library hooked into that server.  I suggest you just start the section of "Become A Seeder for an ImageBoard", because that will actually walk you through the steps.  After you got all the software, you just open it in you internet-browser-though your HTTP server.  PHP files CANNOT be just opened in you browser directly from the hard drive, if you do so, they will not execute.  When you server is on, just goto that is a loop back IP which will ALWAYS lead to ones own computer.  A 127.* IP connection will never leave you room.


What language are these scripts (that this project is making) programmed in?

  PHP.  And I have developed and tested it on the newest version.  So I don't know how it will respond with older ones.


Is there any way I can help?

  Yes, if you want to work on the scripts, just download hem.  They are open source, I have comments in them and documentation on this site
Also, if you ever have any suggestions and/or idea, or just wanna give me code snippets, please make a post on this board and thread


Your name is SomeWhiteGuy?  Are you racist?

  This ia a question that I usually get from older people, and no offence or anything, but it seems your generation just doesn't get it.  Haven't you ever heard of the song "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"?  *sigh* Well, anyways, SomeWhiteGuy is just a witty name, and it also demonstrates that I am just a normal person, so I don't have all day to program and do literally all the shit people ask me to do.  It's sorta a device I use "I'm not someone who can click his fingers and make all this shit work, I'm just some white guy!".


I have a question which is not here, where is a message board where I post a question regarding this project?

  At the The Society for the Study of Modern Image Board Culture there is a thread dedicated to this project.  You can post your questions on it here


Where can I contact you?

  A few places, but I prefer you to contact me through message boards, specifically this board and thread
Also, my screen name is SomeWhiteGuy on HongFire.  But keep in mind that I don't check that account to often.
If you need to get in touch with me immediately, get onto IRC @ and PM me.  My nick is SomeWhiteGuy


What is the intenet?

  The internet....  is serious business.  I suggest you remember that  *__*