Seeder Support Script for Modern Image Board Systems
Because when it comes to "serious business", I'm here to help ;) 
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Become a seeder for
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Give your ImageBoard
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(Tool for making
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Step_1 First you must install an image board, and get it working.  The ImageBoard-Tracker is added AFTER you verify you image board is working


Step_2 Download the ImageBoard-Tracker from the downloads section (skip over the things talking about what the seeders need to do).  Extract the SeedSupport.php file onto your public HTTP server.  If you don't PHP support already, you must get it now, you can download the PHP lib here.  Now for my example, I am going to work with Futaba, and Futallaby.  Because I want multiple sections such as /a/  /h/  /l/  /w/  etc, I am going to place my ImageBoard-Tracker one directory above all of them.  Keep in mind that one ImageBoard-Tracker can support multiple sections, so it would unwise to create multiple instances of ImageBoard-Trackers,. unless you have multiple servers like ; etc (in which case it cant be helped - one should b made for each server - this is temporary I am planning on making a Tracker that an go across servers but this will take some time to make).



Go to the SeedSupport.php file through the HTTP server, use the loop back IP.  :

You should be confronted with the welcome screen, continue through the configuration until you get to the integration wizard.



Step_4 Then you should finally get to the integration wizard, this wizard will scan in an image board script of your choice and attempt to make the few needed code changed to have tell the tracker when new files were posted (and what they are).  It will also make a change to the links on the thumbnails of the board in order to have users of the board link through the seed-finder script.  These are the only two real changes that re made.

If the wizard fails, it might be helpful to check out EXAMPLEchan (don't confuse this with TESTchan) which are scripts that have been manually edited/integrated to work with seed support.  It has a "What was changed.txt" file to show exactly what was changed in the code of the script.  You can get linked to EXAMPLEchan (again, don't confuse it with TESTchan) thought the examples sections, look in "Older Examples".


You will need to repeated the wizard for every section of your image board (assuming you are running multiple instances of the image board script to get multiple sections)


Step_5 And finally as the message says, MAKE A LINK TO YOU SeedSupport.php FILE ON YOUR SITE.  When making TESTchan I made a place in the navigation bar, and on the main welcome page.  This link will be important because it is the way users take to become seeders.  If you click on the link you will see three important things.
  1. The guide link to lets users become seeders
  2. The report link to report illegal-images/files
  3. ImageBoard-Tracker administration login


  • You (the admin(s) of the ImageBoard-Tracker), have the ability to remove files from the seeds that have been uploaded to them via the board (by their default choice)
  • Such file-recalls do not occur automatically, users can repot them easily, but an admin/janitor of the tracker must ok the recall.  IF USERS ABUSE THE REPORT FUNCTION BAN THEM.  Seriously, set a no-tolerance policy on this, the report system is setup to protect them, and the way I see it, an attack against the report system is an attack against the board.
  • If you ever need to uninstall the ImageBoard-Tracker, your image board scripts should have backup copies in their original directories.  Of course, you should have made backups of your board scripts before installing shit, but to be on the safe side, during installation the tracker creates them automatically.  Restoring the backups will uninstall/disconnect the tracker.