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~~ News ~~

September 1, 2006 - SomeWhiteGuy  Tracker: 6413 lines / SeederSide: 3848 lines


Yeah, I finally got around to testing the ImageBoard-Tracker on the Linux environment with Wakaba, Kareha, Futaba, and Futallby.  It can work with all of them now.  I also polished up the error interfaces by adding some troubleshooting info on them.

And shit, it was it a painful job.  Wakaba is a great script and all, but !@#$ it's hard to install.  And NO WHERE did I see it telling me that the script needs directories src/ res/ and thumb/ in which I have to create (it doesn't make them).  You also need to set them with the correct permissions in Linux.  You also need to set the permission for the folder.  And then I had to go through the ordeal of getting the Perl DBI (MySQL class module) installed.  Which was a pain in the ass because the ppm command doesn't seem to work in Linux.  In Windows, you just do ppm in the DOS prompt, and then do something like "install DBI" and then other components.   And after I finally found out how to do that, I then I had to get MySQL installed for Linux.  It wasn't to bad doing, the .rpms did the work for me, but then, I had to get the user account setup for MySQL. 

Is there a GUI for it? pfff, Nooooooo, of course not.  GUIs... just aren't very Linux like now are they?  So basically I had to work in a all-text Linux terminal for like, two hours trying to get user accounts setup.  I found like three different ways to do it online.  I cant remember which one worked, I just just typing in random things to the point I finally got it.  But man I swear it's all BS.  Some of these examples on line... you can copy and !@#$ing paste the examples right in, and guess what.  They don't work >_<   RRg, why do these people even bother posting examples if they don't even !@#$ing work!!!

Anyways, in the end, I somehow got it working.  I then tested the install bugs to death on the tracker-script.



August 30, 2006 - SomeWhiteGuy  Tracker: 5917 lines / SeederSide: 3848 lines

Hmmm, I'm back.  Today (and last night) I banged my head hard against my Linux box as tested the tracker script in the Linux environment.  In the end, the only things which made things violently different was the pain in the ass security called SELinux, and the pain in the ass security called file permissions - BOTH of which don't exist in the Winblows environment.  I also got the thing to work with Wakaba scripts. So...

Does it now work in Linux? (Version 0.9.9 - the new release)

  • It works... better than it did

What else needs to be done?

  • Just testing really, there are some serious bug here and there, but not as manny

Because I'm not implementing some new major thing right now, I should probably release another version maybe 2 or 4 days from now, after I tested it to satisfaction (make it idiot-proof).



January 29, 2006 - SomeWhiteGuy  Tracker: 5804 lines / SeederSide: 3848 lines

Well this is a bit overdue, but I finally got to making the Tracker able to install it self with Kareha and Thorn!  During installation, it will inject code into Kareha/Thorn files if you give it the directory path, and it will auto update the templates(s).  I setup some examples of them working on TestChan;
The /a/ section is using Kareha, and the /w/ section is using Thorn

The next thing I plan to code is perhaps the ability to let threads on an image board stay alive as long as someone is seeding them, despite aging to death.  This seems like it could be useful, especially for fast moving boards where the content dies in a matter of hours because it gets flooded off with all the other new threads posted.  I guess I'm also gonna start a new trend of keeping a counter on this news page saying how many lines the tracker-script is, l0l, yeah, kinda like a way of saying "ooh, look everyone, look at all the time I wasted in front of a computer screen rather than flirting with hot Asians~"  l0l....  *sighs*



January 21, 2006 - SomeWhiteGuy

Well, I have finally made allot of progress in a short period of time for once!  From this day forth, I can finally say I have REAL betas out now.  I basically had to make it dirt easy for people to become seeders of board, and now I have finally done that by making a windows executable that acts as a server and deals with the PHP script (the PHP script actually does all the work).  On the down side the script has become a little more dependant on the windows environment, so seeders for the time being will have to be on windows.  The ImageBoard-Tracker script however as far as I know should work on any operating system that supports PHP.  I have just released the Win32 beta, and I need people to test it for me, I have been trying to get some friends over IRC to test it for me, at most what I got was divided attention and some real testing… They all have ended in failure, but each time I fixed the bugs as I found them.  Yeah, so like, I really need people to try to run this thing and tell em if it actually starts or not, and what happens.  It runs on my computer fine!  But unfortunately trying to get a Win32 to run on other computers is more difficult than it should beh… GAH!  And this is why I programmed in PHP, so I wouldn’t have to deal with the Win32 bullshit!  But in the end, I had to do this to make things esier for people to seed *crys*  Well, if anyone is actually reading this (which quite honestly idk if anyone does, l0l), then please beta test the thing if you could, and report any errors to he WakaChan BBS.  The thing can be found over TESTchan (a new image board I just setup).  Please click here to go there.



January 10, 2006 - SomeWhiteGuy

O_O Am I alive? l0l, well that's a good question that some of you may be asking.  And yes, I am, I have been like, putting off news posts for a while now, mostly because I code to the point I get tiered of this shit and don't wanna do shit for tis project, and seeing as news posts usually go right after coding, Iv just been, "meh".... Also, I have slowed down allot on programming for this project, Iv been getting into robotics, and my interest in that has really consumed my time allot more then I thought it would.  I got the Lego RCX for Christmas, lots of fun, I tore the face plate off it and attached wires around the triangular ports that deliver current to the moter-ports, so now I can attach my RCX to circuit boards and shit and basically expand it.

But whatever, anyways, recently with this project I have fixed the ability to download recently uploaded files automaticly when first startting to seed a board, this was working a while ago, but apparently I broke it when implementing other shit.  I also fixed some bugs about the GUI in various sections, made the windows shell I'm working on be able to tell when a newer version is out, among other things.  A while ago I started to make a Flash .swf file explaining wtf this project is all about, I really should innish that n put it up on the site...  *sighs* well, there is a shit load of stuff to do with this project, blargss~


A little *boing* *boing* anyone?


October 14, 2005 - SomeWhiteGuy

Im back, well I find my self still doing coding here and there.  I made a bot to basically synch a copy of ImageBoard sites, first for my own personal desire, but then I adding in addition stuff to help with this project.  Also, I'm taking a class in web development, and one of the assignments was to create a web site (not a bull-shitty one either, had to be at least 12 pages or other annoying requirements).....  and I already have a web site.........  this one!  So like, why bother right?  Well, seeing as the last update to these pages was September 12th, I don't want to look like I'm cheating or something, (so I have to do at least like, something).  So yeah, right now I'm thinking I will post a few screen caps of he bot I built and make a release for it.  It's pretty cool, the original purpose of it was to basically rip ImageBoard sites and keep updated, and now it can do even that and more, so there is a use for it (with people other then me); you can use it to get all pics in certain section of 4Chan/WakaChan and keep getting them as they are posted.  Be aware though that I recently got banned from WakaChan (automatically) for using it, they detected it as a site ripper, which technically it is, but it really depends on how you use it.



September 12, 2005 - SomeWhiteGuy

Well, my feelings have just done a complete 180.  I know this is abrupt, but I am considering dropping this project...  Yeh, I know this is coming out of nowhere, but recently, on the BBS (click BBS link on left menu) I learned that there was someone else out there who built a similar script to mine in Perl which though does not have as nearly all the ability that mine does, is at least released with a  beta version.  I know it may seem extreme to drop the project, but keep in mind that I spend allot of time on this project, so much time that I almost don't want to stop simply because I don't want all that time to go to waist.  But that is exactly where my personal problems come in...  I tend to get into a project and become a workaholic, spending ALL my free time on a project.  Which is not something I am worried about, but I am worried that I might spend all my free time I have on this project and then see no one use it.  I am building this project for a reason, it's to help ImageBoards,,, if no one uses it, it will be just to depressing to me, I honestly will be hurt, because I will wonder why I spent all that time on this project.  I know it seems like something that's not a big deal to you, however, this is not the first time this has happened to me.  This has happened to me several time before, it seems every time I try to create a new project, that seemly is based off a new idea, it turns to time-waited in the end.  I have seen it happen to me to many time before, and while I know it will mean causing it happen again if I stop now, at least I wont be throwing as much time away for nothing.  I'm now releasing the code/files but doing it in a way that makes it clear it is not a real release.  I am doing this so someone else can take my code and expand from it if they desire to.  I don't know if this is the last post I will make here or not, but if this is, and you were interested in this project, feel free to look at the code I have made so far, play with it as much as you want, and if you actually get anywhere with it, please give me credit.



September 9, 2005 - SomeWhiteGuy - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME

Well, it's my birthday on the 10th.  And.... it's actually kinda depressing in a way.  Where did all that time go?  I probably shouldn't talk, I'm only gonna be 20.  And maybe it's just a psychological thing, but the number 19 and 20 seems much more far apart from every other whole number o_O.  Yeh, whatever.  Anyways, since the last news post I got allot done.  And I am so close to being done now that I'm thinking of posting something on just to say something in a public place.  I feel THAT close to being done.  I mean, all i got to do now are some loose ends.  That, and make files that are uploaded to the board actually uploaded to the seeders to, and though that's major part of the system, it's not allot more code.  I already programmed allot of stuff similar to that for having seeders download recently upped content when becoming seeders.  Anyways, before I get off an a tangent, I should talk about the progress I made, which is allot btw...

  • Built and finished admin GUIs
  • Finalized testing for all admin functions built so far
  • Added code into seeder-side script that makes it able to seed a board
  • Finalized the process & testing of making a seeder-side-script talk with the ImageBoard-side-script
  • MAJOR: Made a complete guide on how to edit an ImageBoard script (and gave many examples with futaba-script) in a way to make it work with the add-on script.
    This page shows to the one installing SeedSupport.php on step two
  • MAJOR: Made an example-chan where I took a Japanese-original Futaba-script and integrated it so the SeedSupport.php script worked with it
  • MAJOR: Made Web site pages including the main front page, a FAQ section, and a sidebar on the main pages, to link all the stuff together

Yay~  That's allot.  Seriously, it is.  I'm pretty surprised I can keep up this pace while I have classes.  Well, this semester just started, but still.  I mean, I'm almost going faster than I was going during summer!  Well, anyways, I go now.  Maybe watch some anime.  Btw, "Densha Otoko" is kick-ass, I don't usually watch live-action things, but Densha Otoko is a worth-while exception.


Hikari?  Is that you?!? ====>



September 2, 2005 - SomeWhiteGuy

I again did allot of work on the ImageBoard project, though, I spent allot of time on it.... ALLOT of time.  :/  Though, on the bright side of things, not only do I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm actually starting to pull the project to together.  I'm building the functions that compile the GUI at runtime and other finishing up tuff.  Not to say I'm about to finish up, I'm close, but I still have a little ways to go.....  And I'm doing test all the way though, making shore it all works.  I haven't done anything on the AnimeSuki clone project... I'm to happy about the ImageBoard one to really pay much attention to any thing else.  Well, that's all the news I really have for today, later.



<<  Kappa tentacle sex?   O_O;


August 30, 2005 - SomeWhiteGuy

Well I really should of made some news postings in the past few days up to here, because I was working on my two main projects.  Today though I made a FUCKING SHIT LOAD of progress.  Seriously, I almost wanna crap myself I did so good.  I'm like, totally in the zone man.  And it might have something to do with not listening to music, which I normally do even though it's kinda distracting.  Anyways, in the past few days I took care of ability to understand the difference between the admins and the users, and I programmed the banning and un-banning ability.  Today though, I took care of a major monster ass thing which I was kinda putting off because I didn't feel like doing it........  And that was basically finalizing how the the core database was gonna work.  I also built the ability to ReDirect the users coming in, to a seeder with a file, and did it with programming in flow-control (so allot of users don't come in and flood a seed to death).  YAY~  Seriously man, that's alot of fucking shit right there, I feel so fucking awsome might now  YYYARRRRR-HWWOOOOOOOO!~   Man seriously, and I might even continue programming even more, I feel so fucking hot, unlike how most of the time by the time I'm done programming I feel like doing something else, and have been feeling like that for a while.

And in the other project I'm working on (the AnimeSuki-clone), I have been able to give it an array of URLs, and with that URL list...

  • Extract a link list to ALL torrents linked on ALL the pages (URLs) I gave it
  • Download all those .torrents
  • Extract the .torrent data (file name, size, guess the title associated, guess the ep number related)
  • Scrape the torrent (get the count of seeds and peers)
  • Save all the crap into a data files next to each torrent

And next time it does the same thing, it skips torrents that have already been downloaded.  And that's pretty sweet, I mean that's almost half the work.  Now all I godda do is program the GUI for the users to interoperate the information.  And the sweetest thing is that it already understands the concept of keeping up with new files, because it skips ones it already download, so all it's godda really do is trigger its main function on a loop every X hours.

There is one odd thing though the BEncode.php file seems to not work with torrents of a certain size.  I have no idea as to why this is.  NO, it's not an issue of "it simply takes longer to work with larger files", it literally hangs and gets caught in a never-ending loop.  I tracked the problem down to the "decode_string" method in BEncode.php.  I think the problems lies in what this function returns in certain situations.  But I cant do anything to fix this because this freeking thing has NO FUCKING COMMENTS!  As I tried to deal with the problem I started to wonder one very good question why the fuck arn't .torrent files encoded in XML format instead of this shitty fucking piece of crap called "BenCode"!?!?  I mean, come one! Seriously, XML vs. BenCode, it's a no-fucking-brainer  >_<  What the !@#$ what that (maker of BT) thinking.  Anyways, because I can't do shit about this now, the only thing I was able to do was make my script ignore .torrents that exceed a certain size.  And this will most commonly include batch torrents.  It's annoying but there ain't shit I can do about it.

Anyways, I go do fun stuff now, and maybe program some more.  I said before that both of my main projects have a long way to go...  Well, with the progress I made so far, I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yay~



XD Heeehee-heeeee.  Hey! I' don't blame him. If your wife is dead, GO AFTER THE KIDS!


August 27, 2005 - SomeWhiteGuy

*yawn*  Well, I'm back.  I actually got back a few days ago, but today I got some work done on the "Seeder-Chan" project.  I'm working on the .php that will sit on the ImageBoard server and manage how the users are redirected to the .php's on the seeders.  I got it to register a user, and built the base for tracking a file.  I also made up a small plan, it can be seen here THAT IS NOT A FINISHED PLAN.  It's only what I have though of so far... minus the changes I made to it while I was at the beach, I got that file on my laptop, bah, whatever, I doubt any of you care anyways.  The main point is that I did some work on it today, and I still got a long ways to go.

In other news, I'm restarting my Bit-Scavenger project, a  project I started a long time ago and I think is still up on SourceForge.  IT IS NOT A BIT-TORRENT CLIENT. The project is designed to pull .torrent information from many other smaller sites and add them together (killing repetitions).  The goal is to create a GUI which will ALWAYS have a current list of torrents weather they be licensed or not, and continue to work even if one of the sources gets shut down for copy-write violation (it will depend on multiple sites).  It's basically the same as going to all the sites individually, but with this you don't have to (waste your time).  I think I'm gonna model it similar to AnimeSuki and copy allot of their features.  I don't care if ppl think I'm an ass for doing it, AnimeSuki's title-sorting thing is awesome, and I find it very useful.  I'm making a .php version of this service (the current service is a winblows .exe).

And in yet other news, and bad news at the same time, I have classes starting this coming week.  ;_;  This makes me very sad.... and very time-less, well, I dunno how much time it will rob of me, but one thing is sure, I wont have as much of it as I have now.

Anyways, I goto bed.  And with that all said, look at the gay Kappa sex!!!!~  OOOOoohhhhh (taken from kappa no kaikata)



August 20, 2005 - SomeWhiteGuy

I'm ALLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE~ YES!  Wow, I really went a while without saying anything or updating shit..  Sorry about that, I don't really have much of an excuse, I had finals on my summer session classes, and then I went right into vacation to Europe.  And now, I'm back.  The good news is, I of course plan to continue this project and will do so in time, the bad news is, I'm goin' on another vacation again =_=;  yeh, w/ my parents and sister to Verginia Beach.  I just got home today (Friday), and we are leaving Sunday >_<  Well, this one will only last about half a week, I'll bring my laptop with me and try to do what I can w/out internet access.  Sorry to lave you all hanging, I;m just chekin in to let you all know I'm alive.

And with that said, I give you all this---



July 11, 2005 - SomeWhiteGuy

RRaaawwwrrr!  Well, I said two days ago that I was going to have the 1st beta version released before sun up, the problem was.... I worte that, saved it, looked out the window, and guss what.  The sun was coming up >_<  Bah, anyways, keep in mind I'm taking classes this summer summer, do I guess I do have an excuse.  Anyways, I finally released my beta version and walk through on the SourceForge space. is the main page on where to get started, it should walk one though everything.  And now, I go to watch anime and study for a major midterm I have in Japanese class today, later all.



July 09, 2005 - SomeWhiteGuy

ALRIGHT! Finally got my project space from SourceForge.  I'm doing finishing touches on this stuff, and I'm now gonna send out the release for people to seed.  With this there will be a .htm file used to connect to multiple seeds at once.  As of right now, <whatever>Chans can't use the seeds, but at least people can start sharing files and people can download from ones who share via the .htm file.  I should have this release out before morning (east coast America).  Wai~



July 07, 2005 (Night) - SomeWhiteGuy

Alrightty, I planned on working on this project during the day today, and I did.  And somehow, that made me get sleepy, and this I fell asleep.  >_<  Now I'm sleeping during the day and night, Gaaah~  Well, I did get quite a bit of work done during the day, and I did allot of testing and debugging just now.  And just recently I stumbled upon a PHP doc I have been looking for for some time now, one that tells me the vars I need use to determine the HTTP server's main public directory as well as the running PHP script's full local path.  I can also use these vars to determine the external path (what a user would type after the seeder's IP address) for virtually every directory, FINALLY.  This is totally awesome because now I can have my PHPs auto-configure themselves.  Originally I was going to have the users type all this shit in, but now it looks like it wont be needed.  Yay~ so that's all good, on the down side though still hasn't finalized my project space yet, it's pending, I talked about that this morning (see last news thinggy).  *sigh* Well, whatever, for now I'm gonna do more testing and shit on the PHP that seeders will use, I'm pretty sure that as soon as gives me the project space I can make a release of this, and that should be within a few days, I would say no more than three.  I'm gonna start planning the PHP that will go on to <whatever>Chan's now, and start building that in the time being.  So in general...  things are moving along, yay~  Except for my animes, I have been way behind on those, and thus, I shall get on that, later.



July 07, 2005 (Morning) - SomeWhiteGuy

*yawn* Ok, well, as I said last time, I had two classes to go to both which I had 2 quizzes (more like a quiz and a half- midterm), so I didn't have much time since Monday, but I did do a little work.  I also requested project space on  *crys* It got rejected the first time because I chose the wrong license thinggy.  It gave an option for no license for website and I though I could chose that, but I guess not.  So I tried to re-request it and now it's going into takeover mode (apparently it thinks I'm talking over an abandoned project).  Baaaahh!  This is all more difficult than it should be.  But anyways, I did send the re-request with the GP or GPL or something like that (a license type), think it's meant for "general purposes".  But whatever, I don't even care what people do with my code as long as they maybe give credit to me,,,, meh, maybe I don't even care about that.  Whatever, I just want project space because up to now I have been giving my IP address out to people and hosting my own page like that.  I have broadband and my IP address hasn't changed in a long time, but I know it can.  It freaked me out, I had cable-modem problems a little while ago, and then the power went out on another day, and I thought my IP was gonna change.  And if/when that happens all these people I see commin onto my machine will most likely stop (they will be connecting to my old IP).  Hence why I want project space.

Meh, I guess we'll see.  I actually slept at night for once O_O so I'm gonna do some work on this during the day today, and maybe report back tonight.  Later



July 04, 2005 - SomeWhiteGuy

*sigh* Well today I feel like I got quite a bit done.  Dunno why I say that, maybe because I didn't plan-out or even think about some of the stuff I had to get done today previously.  Today, well, yeah, I continued to make the walk through for people who want to become seeders, but I also made the PHPkernel.php able to install itself.  It can now detect if it's gonna be run for the fist time and query the admin for settings with a GUI that I made in HTML.  It's not a big deal really, but I did feel pretty good about it because I actually went through and made help text describing the use and purpose of each setting.  I'm not talking about a one line thing, I made almost a paragraph for each one.  And then I put the GUI and the code together and ~yay~ it works.  This is actually a major step.  Now virtually all I need to do is the following:

  • Finnish up small loose ends on the PHPkernel.php self installer
  • Finnish up making the guides for users who want to become seeders (I'm about 3/4 done right now)

And then I will FINALLY be able to make my first release for this project.  Dear gosh I can't wait, feels like I should of had this done by now.  Anyways, last time (yesterday) I was talking about a program that would install the PHP and do other misc stuff for the user.  I plan on releasing that to, but probably not immediately.  I'll come out with the guides first, that will tell people how to set this shit up manually.  And then release the program that atomicity sets it up all for you later... when I can actually get it to work right  >_<  Shouldn't be to long though, I should have it out by next week.  Then again, I think I did promise someone on Not4Chan that I was gonna have these guides out by tomorrow.  Dunno if I can keep that promise, I mean, I'm sooo freaking close to finishing this and releasing it, but I have a quiz tomorrow, not a big one though, but then the next day (Wednesday) I do have a major one - in a class I really don't like.  And this is a class where I am probably going to have to study all day tomorrow and all day Wednesday-morning for just to pass.  *sigh* so in other words, don't expect to much productivity between now and then.  Meh, it's just two days, not so bad I guess.

So to sum things up..

  • I'm behind schedule a bit, but not that much
  • I will soon be releasing the scripts that will let people seed
  • I will soon be releasing the walk walkthrough to help people seed
  • With the walkthrough I was originally planning on making a program that would basically do all setup for the user (almost to the point where it defeats the purpose of the walkthrough).  But I am gonna need more time before I can release a stable version of that.  No fear though as you don't really need it.

Btw, programming aside WTF is up with this character from "The 12 Kingdoms"?  The one to the left?

I swear she must be put there JUST to drive me crazy.  Out of all the times she jumps and swings into action here hair just ALWAYS just so happens to cover her tits! ~~WWHHHHHYYYY~~  It's so not fair! It's bullshit!  Hair doesn't just magically stick to your nipples, it swings side to side and GET'S OUTTA MY FRIGGIN  LINE FO SITE!!  *crys*

Seriously, it's bullshit, and it makes me wanna spontaneously combust.

Anyways, I didn't finish "12 Kingdoms" last night, and at this rate (like 3 or 4 eps a night), I'm never gonna get it done.  So I'll try tonight again, later.



July 03, 2005 - SomeWhiteGuy

Well shit, things don't go as fast as you want them to. But at the very least I finally found the time to get off my ass and start this news thingy.  Even though to be honest there really isn't that much to report on other than I'p really pissed off with "things" in general.  I'm currently developing the documentation and walk through(s) for users who decide to seed.  But fuck man! This is more time-consuming that I though it would be.  I think I actually spent the last two days working on it.  The problem is this, becoming a seeder means you will HAVE TO install some kind of HTTP server of some sort, and that server will have to be PHP enabled. No problem right? It isn't really, but when I look at this, I know the only way to get this done well would be to assume that my users don't know jack shit about this stuff.  And a while ago, I didn't either, I'm actually kinda new to PHP programming, but I took it up very fast because it's so close to JavaScript, and I have been programming in that for a while now (and before that I programmed in Visual Basic all the time).  But anyways, installing a HTTP server and then installing PHP support for it might be a big deal to users who aren't even familiar with those products.  And then in addition I have to walk them though the bullshit, like actually making a php.ini file, yes that's right windows users have to actually FUCKING MAKE THE .INI FILES THEM SELVS, "What the fuck man! The install doesn't do it for you?"  Nope, it doesn't.  And yes, you can run PHP without the .ini file, but without it certain event variables don't work right.  Like if you were to try to get the extensions directory so you can download the php_gd2.dll file into it (because the ass-hats who compiled the php package decided not to include the extensions with the core code), well guess what, you cant get it (you need to load it from the .ini file).  You would need to know it in order to download the .dll file into the right directory.  Well, not that it matters anyways, because without this variable, the dl() function won't work, oh yes, it's enabled, you can use it just fine, it just doesn't work...  >_<

Anyways, I'm just annoyed because I don't know if users will really go through all this crap, first installing the Apache HTTP Server, then the PHP core code, then the PHP extensions (and creating the .ini file), and then finally on to setting up the .php scripts I made.  It might be a little to much for some people.  So I decided to make a program in Visual Basic (a real program - a .exe file), but fuck man, doing all of this takes longer than I thought.  I had to bend over backwards just to get VB to download the .zip files right, and then I had to search like mad to get an example on who t make VB to unpackaged right.  So as of right now I have this program like, half done.  It can finally download .zip file, and extract them.  Now I just have to program it to extract to the right directories, and create the php.ini file.  I also built in a .conf parser into it so it can edit the configurations of Apache server.  "Normal" (programs) like me (and many other people out there), don't have any problem with going though the Apache .conf file.  But you got to keep in mind that other people who come online and want to become seeders may not be used to it, they are gonna want a GUI (interface), and seeing as one isn't available for windows users... *sigh*  well, I made one anyways.  I'm shure there is a .conf parser out there already, but as of right now I wanna keep it simple, for those people out there who aren't used to doing server shit like I am.  It's been a long day and I haven't watch any anime yet, and seeing as how I judge the productivity of my day based on how much anime I watch, I really suck right now...  so it's time to finish "The Twelve Kingdoms".