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Welcome to Democracy-Chan / Archive-Chan

This is an experimental script designed to solve the problem that most image boards have, that is, the need for money to support the bandwidth that is used.  Most image boards work something like this:

This is; there is one (or a few) server(s) that sends all the images to the users. The server costs allot of money because of the bandwidth it uses. It can also choke because there maybe been more users than expected at once. But with obvious and off-topic problems aside, this becomes a problem because there is usually only one person who funds the bandwidth, and when that person decides to stop serving...  it's the end.


This however works a little different, the primary difference is that there is no central server, the other differences are...


...people who decide to help out, or "seed" (a term usually used with torrent - seeds means to help or donate some of your bandwidth for a community), share out files including a text file of files they are sharing.  Users first download that file listing from all seeders. This does not take up very much bandwidth as the file list is usually pretty small, and if it does grow to be something larger than a meg, it can usually be compressed to a few kb with gzip technology (most server softwear supports this).



Because the files lists are held in memory, when doing a search for something, the seeders aren't hit with the constant requests.  Instead, the java scripts on the user's side does the searching. And when the users want the images, the requests are finally sent to one of the seeders who have it/them.  In some cases, more than one seeder may have the file the user wants.  In this event, the request is sent to one of them based on random.


This script also has sorting capabilities.  This based around the file name.  Users who come on to this network may sometimes point to an image and say that has a "cat-girl", or that has a "succubus".  When a user does this, a script on the seeders side will rename the file based on what the user says it is.

You may notice when you click a thumbnail, the file-name has these tags in them.

Anyone can rename these files and modify the tags.  The seeder's script of course keeps track of who renames what, and thus if some jackass renames a bunch of files with bullshit tags, the seeder can tell the script to undo all actions done by <this> user.

To edit the tags of an image, simply click the "[Edit Image Attributes]"

In the next page that comes up, you will have a floating table above the image, where you can edit the tag of the file. To change the tag, you can either hover the mouse over the tag in the blue table (additional options will then appear), or you can press the key on the keyboard which corresponds to the tag. The key would be the fist character of the tag you want to add/remove. Like the key "cat-girl" would be "c", and the key for "wallpaper" would be "w".

Sometimes multiple tags will start with the same letter.  When this is the case, after typing the first character, a key will come up with the text box.  The key is pretty much self explanatory.  Though one thing that may confuse some people is that if you were to press the letter "r" in this case, the key will disappear and toggle the key "preg".  This is because there are no other constants that can be added/deleted that start with "pr", and thus it doesn't waist you time by having you type the rest of the characters

When you are done press the space bar to request the server to rename the file..

Some people may dislike certain image content types.  This when clicking on a subject or a series in the contents frame, it initially foes not filter out image content-types.  If there is a type which you find offensive, please do NOT go flaming or requesting for file deletion.  You and everyone else has the power to censor these things from your eyes.  Click the link in the "Contains:" section for menu to pop up, and then disable the content.

REQUESTING FILE DELETION SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU DISLIKE WHAT A PICTURE IS SHOWING WILL GET YOU BANNED on most servers/seeders. Though it is really is up to the seeder, for that person is the admin of his/her own computer.